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What purchases qualify for cashback rewards?

You are eligible to earn cashback rewards when you spend your Relay Planned-Spend Account monthly payouts loaded onto your Relay Card. Relay customers can earn cashback on all purchases, except when you enter a PIN or make an ACH transfer, everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, regardless of the category, merchant, or time of the year in which you decide to spend your monthly payouts.

Qualifying transactions are non-PIN, non-ACH purchases made with your Relay Card.

You will not earn cashback rewards if you:

  • Withdraw cash via ATM or teller
  • Transact by entering a PIN number
  • Transact by entering your ACH account information, or
  • Spend funds directly loaded onto the Relay Card from a source other than your Planned-Spend Account. Only the monthly payouts from your Planned-Spend Account are eligible for cashback rewards.

Remember: When making a purchase, you may be asked “Credit or Debit?” If you select “Credit”, you may be prompted for your signature. If you select “Debit”, you will be prompted to enter a PIN. The choice is yours to make, but selecting “Credit” earns cashback rewards while selecting “Debit” does not qualify for cashback rewards.

If you make a purchase that does not qualify for cashback rewards, you will not lose the opportunity to earn those rewards. You can add funds back to your Relay card to replace the funds spent on a non-qualifying transaction. 

For example, let’s assume you receive a payout of $200 from your Planned-Spend Account, and you are currently earning 5% cashback. You spend $150 of the payout on qualifying transactions and earn cashback rewards in the process ($7.50). You spend another $50 in a debit transaction, by entering a PIN at the grocery store. That $50 purchase would not qualify for cashback rewards because it was a debit purchase, not a credit purchase. However, if you add an additional $50 back to your Relay Card and make a qualifying transaction with those funds, you would be able to earn the remaining cashback reward opportunity (in this case, $2.50).  

Note that the maximum cashback you can enter is based on a) your cashback rate and b) the total payouts from the annuity.

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