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Can I transfer additional funds onto my Relay Card?

Yes, you can load more funds onto your Relay Card. Additional funds can be loaded to your Relay Card via ACH from an external bank account. This includes direct deposit services whereby a portion of your paycheck can be sent each pay period to your card.

Note: While you can add more funds to your Relay Card, you cannot add more funds to your Relay Planned-Spend Account at any point over your plan term at this time. In addition, you will not earn cashback rewards on any additional funds that you load onto your Relay Card. Your cashback rate only applies to your monthly payouts drawn from the one-time lump sum you provided upfront to open your Planned-Spend Account. The maximum cashback you can enter is based on a) your cashback rate and b) the total payouts from the annuity.

For example, if you opened a 3-year Planned-Spend Account with a $7,096.54 one-time lump sum, you will have $200 payouts loaded onto your Relay Card each month for three years. If you load another $3,000 to your card, you can spend all those funds as you choose, but you would only earn cashback rewards on your $200 monthly payouts.

See this FAQ to learn how you can use the Relay mobile app to load additional funds to your Relay Card by locating your account and routing numbers and initiating ACH transfers. Most banks transfer funds within 3-5 business days, excluding weekends and bank holidays. Some banks allow you to select delivery options, including next day transfers. Please refer to the Cardholder Agreement for more information. 

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