• What is Relay?

    Relay is a financial management tool that helps consumers plan for everyday expenses and earn incredible cashback rewards in the process.

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  • What does Relay provide?

    Relay consists of three components:

    1. Relay Planned-Spend Account
    2. Relay Card
    3. Relay Cashback Rewards

    When you enroll in Relay, you simultaneously open both a Planned-Spend Account and a Relay Card account. The Planned-Spend Account is funded at enrollment with a one-time, lump sum. Each month, a set payout is pulled from your Planned-Spend Account and loaded onto your Relay Card.

    When you spend your monthly payouts on purchases, you’ll earn incredible cashback rewards. The only exception is if you withdraw money, enter a PIN, or make an ACH transfer. Your cashback rate is determined by the specific Planned-Spend Account you choose at enrollment. Relay offers plans options with terms ranging between 3 and 7 years in duration.

    When you’re a Relay customer:

    • You have a tool to help you purchase everyday expenditures.
    • You can earn incredible cashback rewards.
    • You can earn competitive interest on the balance of your Planned-Spend Account.  
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  • Who is Relay designed for?

    Relay is perfect for people who want to make the most of their hard-earned money by maximizing spending power and earning cashback rewards. If you recognize that planning ahead and spending responsibly are smart ways to achieve your financial goals, then you will appreciate the value of Relay.

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